When you walk through a professionally decorated home there is a certain sense of harmony that flows throughout the space. This is because designers consider each room in terms of its relation to another and choose colours, furniture and accessories that feel cohesive. This is especially important given the popularity of open concept homes. Now, not everyone hires a decorator or has a knack for design which makes choosing complementary paint colours tricky, so most homeowners end up picking one colour for the entire home. Want to bring your space to life with colour? Try the following steps:

Determine your Style What is your inspiration? Do you tend towards clean lines with a ix of retro or vintage treasure? Do you favour a traditional feel over a modern look? Do you envision coming home to a luxurious cozy space or clean minimalist setting? These factors will influence which palette you choose. Finding visual representation of what speaks to you is the best place to start narrowing in on your style.
Decide on the theme Depending on whether you choose warm, neutral or cool colours, you can create a space that helps to set a particular mood. Warm tones create a space that is inviting and give off a positive energy. Neutrals create a space that is cozy yet balanced as they complement various looks and stay relevant over time. Cool colours create a space that is relaxing and provide styling options for either an urban or coastal feel.

Great design should reflect the homeowner’s personality and should be more fun than difficult.