Life is hectic and your home is there to play host to all of it. Your walls must be prepared for anything; from big family get-together or kids’ play dates, to days of furniture rearranging and room makeovers. A good coat of paint is a good idea to help your home stand up to wear. Beyond just colour consider these key factors when selecting the right paint that meets the needs of your home.


Look for a paint that is durable and withstand repeated washing. You want the peace of mind that a quick wash will leave your walls looking as fresh as the day they were painted.

Stain Resistant

When the kids decide to turn your living room wall into a colouring board or when things get a little messy in the kitchen, you want to feel confident that the crayon, spills and scuffs aren’t permanent.

Time saver

Painting can be easier and quicker than you think. Learning the proper technique for cutting in will save a lot of time because it will eliminate the need for tape on baseboards and trim. Also finding a paint and primer all-in-one will save you a few coats and valuable time.

Lasting colour

Even with a few time savers, you want your colour to last. If you find your colour losing its vibrant hue over time, fading or yellowing, look for higher quality paint with technology built in to prevent discoloration.

Today’s paint technology has come a long way–it’s easy to apply with better coverage and easy clean up. Once you have picked the perfect colour, choose a paint that can withstand the daily stains and scuffs that come with kids and pets so your home looks beautiful for years to come.