A mortgage broker acts as an intermediary between the lender and the consumer.  What does this mean? It means that we talk to all banks/lenders on your behalf. While we work with the lender, we work FOR YOU the client/consumer.  This allows us to match a specific lender with your unique requirements. We also have access to lenders that a normal consumer doesn’t even know about or have access to

You are probably asking yourself, what is the difference then between a mortgage broker and a bank? Let’s break this down for you.

Bank: specific product and a specific need

Broker: LOTS of products for LOTS of needs

It is a one stop shop.  You no longer need to jump from bank to bank in order to get all the rate options and packages out there.  We do that for you! And as an added bonus? We often get our clients even cheaper rates than what you could get yourself even with the same bank. “INSERT RATE COMPARISON HERE”

Is it snowy out? Stuck at home with the kids? Can’t find a babysitter? WE COME TO YOU! We are more than willing to travel to you in order to get this done.  Yes you read that right. We will come to you.

Am I saying that banks are wrong? Or bad? NO.  Please hear me!! Banks are “jack of all trades and masters of none”.  They are great for many things, but when you are dealing with such a huge item in your life, would you not want to talk to an expert?

BONUS: I COST YOU NOTHING!! My services are paid by the lender so there is no cost to you! And no your rates don’t go up to cover that cost


Are you intrigued? Ready to start the process? The big question now is, how do I even find a mortgage broker???

**Contact me!

**Talk to your friends and family. People will know someone who they recommend!

**Google brokers in your area

Interesting fact: did you know that mortgage brokers consult on 70-80% of transactions for first time home buyers?

Who do we work with?

Let’s break this down.  When it comes to buyers I work with:

    • First Time Home Buyer: this is referring to someone buying their very first home. They are probably beyond excited and equally scared.  These are some of my favourite clients especially when they have talked to someone else and been told no and I get to work my magic and get them that YES that they want!!
      • Example: Chandler and Monica are purchasing their first home together! They are 37.  Young professionals. We don’t understand what he does but she is an executive chef. Their down payment is from their savings and their parents have gifted them a portion. Being that they are first time homebuyers they have come to me to navigate the whole mortgage process beginning with the pre-approval.  I will walk them through the pre-approval, the approval and all the way to their lawyers office!
    • BFS (business for self): these individuals work for themselves and they have a particularly hard time with home ownership.  They are usually trying to minimize their income tax bill (aren’t we all) so they don’t show a lot of income on paper which makes them hard to get an approval for.  There are many lenders and many options available to help these types of clients navigate the process and this is an area of my company that I am a ROCK STAR at.
      • Example:  Meet Phoebe Buffet.  She is a semi-famous singer (you may have heard her hit “Smelly Cat”), dog walker and massage therapist.  She came to me to assist in her purchase transaction. You can see here that one main problem is all of her sources of income! She does have a down payment but saved in cash under her mattress.  So what can I do for her? With 10% down, after 2 years of confirmation that she has been self employed, we can get her into her dream home. This is only one option! And there are many.
    • Investment, rental property:
    • Senior
    • HELOC, second mortgage
    • Investment, rental property
    • Regular purchase

So in closing, the job a mortgage broker is to help you navigate the sometimes overwhelming and confusing transaction on what is likely one of the most important purchases in your your life. Allow me to assist you in the process. Cheers!