Momma always said it’s not nice to brag, so here’s where I’ll let you do the talking.
Linda Giggs Red Deer, AB

Sherisse  made my dream come TRUE!..  I tried different mortgage brokers and they all said my debt ratio was too high and I had to come up with a down payment as well as get my debt ratio down and they did not listen or try for me.

One night in January 2012 I decided to go on line and googled mortgage brokers and gave basic information about myself.  Within an hour Sherisse had phoned me.  That in itself was really impressive and when I told her about my finances I expected the same song and dance about my debt ratio but Sherisse said “No”  my debt ratio was not bad at all.  WOW what a pleasure to hear that someone believed in me and would try to find me a mortgage.  Sherisse was a God send.. she listened.. she understood.. she CONQUERED!  She is my HERO!!  Sherisse kept in contact all the time and within a few days I had my answer….I  got the Mortgage and my dream home that I have always wanted..  I would recommend Sherisse to everyone, she gets the JOB DONE!!!

Thanks Sherisse!


Marlene LaFayette
Marlene LaFayette Edmonton, AB - 2010

If it were not for the tenacious determination of Sherisse Hume, to help me own my own home, I would still be struggling with rising high rents and uncaring landlords. I tell everyone about the professional personal experience I shared with Sherisse.

Sherisse helped me find the right Realtor – Jens and the right financial institution, to ensure I became a proud homeowner. I recommend Sherisse to everyone!

Even if you are not looking to buy a new home, maybe as a homeowner you want to restructure your household debt! I call Sherisse my financial Wonder Woman!

Thank-You Sherisse, you have no idea how empowering it is to call your sanctuary, MINE!

Lilly & Marlon Fort McMurray, AB - 2010

Sherisse Hume our Mortgage Broker recently did a : Refinance of our Mortgage.

From start to finish we were most impressed with her capabilities, attention to detail, honesty ,and creativity and professionalism.

Extraordinary !!

She went over and beyond the call of duties as a Mortgage Broker as She did the worrying ,found the solutions to any problems that she encountered and kept us informed the whole process.

Whether by email or telephone she never too busy for us.

We were pleased that she was so willing to eagerly help, in what we considered after hours, she always went the extra mile whether it was to answer questions, address concerns or fears ……… it was done ………immediately.

Thank you for doing that for us.

She definitely exceeded our expectations.

My Husband and I described her as a GO GETTER and we considered ourselves fortunate to have had her working for us.

We have highly recommended her & her vast experience to some friends of ours Collegues, and will continue to do so.

TMG should consider itself fortunate to have her on their staff.

Keep up the Excellent work Sherisse.

Abudi & Sarah Radwan
Abudi & Sarah Radwan Edmonton, AB - 2008

Living in these tough economic times is not easy for many people. When my wife moved to Canada and we were planning our wedding, never in my wildest dreams did I think about purchasing a home. The entire time we were shopping for rental properties that would meet our financial needs, until we met with Sherisse. She made all our dreams come true and within a span of 2 weeks, my wife and I went from rental property shoppers to home owners.

Jurjen & Jennet Lock Edmonton, AB - 2011

I thank Sherisse for her remarkable efforts in handle our mortgage needs. She clearly went out of her way to find us the best solutions at a time when we needed it most. She is in fact is more than a mortgage broker, looking out for our interest was her primary focus.

Way to go !! Thanks so much, Sherisse!!

Youssra Badr
Youssra Badr Edmonton, AB

I am so happy that Sherisse was my mortgage broker, she did the impossible to make sure I got the best possible deal. Not only was she available literally anytime I had a question for her, she was also quick and thorough, making a stressful experience so much easier. Other members of my family have also worked with Sherisse and she has shown the same dedication and perseverance each time. I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat. Owning my own home is such a wonderful experience and one I never anticipated would happen so soon or so easily and I dont think I would be able to say that if it weren’t for Sherisse